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"Sahaja Yoga does not work on mental level. It works on spiritual level, which is a much higher level than the mental level." - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 6 November 1983, How Sahaja Yoga Works, Puja talk, Vaitarna, India


Shri Mataji with Children

Sahaja Yoga speaks to each one of us individually. Following are real stories written by people who practice Sahaja Yoga regularly (whether for many years or just months). Each story is a unique way of describing Sahaja Yoga. Please read the following experiences and enjoy!

It is freedom!

Sahaja yoga has really benefited me beyond what I imagined. The initial experience was an incredible opening of my heart and soul. My daily practice of it allows me to detach from thought completely, get beyond my ego and into my higher self. The peace and joy that I feel when I am able to reach this place is beyond words really. It's better than any other feeling to let go and not be attached to words, things, or thoughts. It is freedom!

Thank you for leading this!


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Her love has protected me, guided me and nourished me.

My story dates back to the mid eighties when I was a little girl, barely nine or ten years of age. In spite of the fact that I came from a happy family I had a problem. I suffered from terrible insecurity, I lived under constant fear that something bad would happen to my parents. Young as I was this fear put a terrible pressure on me.

One day my aunt invited our family to attend an introductory program on Sahaja Yoga Meditation and so we all went. There I saw Shri Mataji for the first time. I still remember Her beautiful face, Her soothing motherly presence. My heart was totally drawn to Her.

Shri Mataji gave an introduction about Sahaja Yoga, needless to say I did not understand much. Then She led us through the process of Kundalini awakening. I did all that She told us to do and then I felt it - a cool breeze flowing through my hands and top of the head. My heart was filled with peace and joy and at that moment I felt totally secure. I knew that She would take care of everything and that was the beginning.

From that day onwards Shri Mataji has filled my life with blissful joy, Her love has protected me, guided me and nourished me. Every time I meditate upon Her my thoughts stop and peace and joy starts pouring into my being. Shri Mataji has totally fulfilled me and my only desire in life is to always be connected to Her ocean of Divine love and to help others get into the same state of joy.

She is the Mother of the universe who has the power to transform your life too. All you need to do is humbly desire it, ask Her for your Kundalini awakening with open hands and a humble heart and let the Divine Cool breeze engulf you too.

Shikha Joshi

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes in Austin held weekly. Seekers of all ages welcome!