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"When you are in that state of spirituality, then you are joy-giving, you are peace giving, you are compassionate and you love each other." - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 25 Dec 2000, Christmas Puja, Ganipatipule, India

Poems by Austin Sahaja Yogis

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Late for the Meadow
By: Steven Michael Hunton (9 May, 2008)

Too late for the tide
Did I come to the sea.

Too late to the window
Did I come to see.

Too long did I tarry
In the woody deep.

Too much did I sow
So little to reap.

So late did I come
To the Knowledge Tree.

So late did I learn
To set the child free.

So late to the meadow
Where I set my soul down,

Expecting no respite
Before running aground.

But, the song of the Spirit
Slipped softly through the trees,

Between the Sun and the Moon,
On an evening's breeze.

A cooling breath
For the head and the hands.

Enchanting melodies
Of the Promised Land.

It lifted my Soul
From it's chosen ground

Bore it to places
It would never have found.

So lucky to find it
So late in the game.

Most beautiful meadow,
Most haunting refrain.

The Spirit Comes
By: Steven Michael Hunton (24 April, 2008)

Attention rests lightly
Upon the Seventh Wheel*
Silently awaiting
What the Spirit would reveal.

Kundalini** arises
In pulsating flow
Riding each breath
To the places it knows.

Thought falls away
In the rhythmical climb
Dissolving at the wheel
Into the Place of No Time.

Golden light enters slowly
Through the vibrating wheel
Shivers of ecstasy
Plunge head to heel.

Awareness is drawn
Gently through the Seal
To the Ocean of Being
Where all is concealed.

In the place of Unknowing
The answers are found.
For Truth only knows
Places without bounds.

Though, at last, we return
To Life's beating drum,
It's never the same
Once the Spirit comes.

For the doorway is opened,
A new path leads on.
Infinity beckons,
When the Spirit Comes.

* The seventh "Chakra", or "wheel", of the energetic body, or "Subtle System" located at the crown of the head - the fontanel bone area - where the energetic body integrates with the "Paramchaitanya," or All Pervading Power.
**Kundalini - the energy of the Subtle System, or energetic body, which lies dormant in the sacrum bone before Self-Realization.

Dancing the One
By: Steven Michael Hunton (24 April, 2008)

When we dance with The One
The all-pervading power*,
Understanding enlightens
Even the darkest hour.

When we dance with The One
The picture exceeds the frame.
Walls of thought and desire
Vanish in the flame.

Without looking, we see,
With eye and with mind.
Without listening, we hear.
We float the River of Time.

When we dance with The One
The demons are released,
Skittering away
In the white light of peace.

We join with the Earth.
We flourish in the sun.
Our perceptions are changed.
Our senses become one.

We find what was lost,
Our spirits are reborn.
We can see into Forever,
When we have danced The One.

* In Sanskrit, the All Pervading Power is called the "Paramchaitanya,".

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