Shri Mataji
Sahaja Yoga
Meditation Classes
"… it's very, very important that you should give Sahaja Yoga a full chance, through your wisdom." - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 21 July 2002, Guru Puja, Cabella, Italy

Meditation Classes In And Around Austin, TX

Shri Mataji Teaching

Come and experience the joy of true yoga yourself! Seekers of all ages welcome!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center in Austin

North Austin Business Center,
8711 Burnet Road,
suite A-12, Austin TX, 78757 map

Weekly Meditation Sessions held:

Every Wednesday 7:00 PM
Every Saturday 10:30 AM

As always, these are all levels classes and require no previous experience and since they are offered as a service to the community, they are completely free and open to everyone.

Sahaja Yoga programs are held worldwide. Find the closest Sahaja Yoga programs to you.

Here is a list of Sahaja Yoga resources for you to review:

Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes in Austin held weekly. Seekers of all ages welcome!